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more of an architect than an artist, a family-oriented person, curious and excited about life, a fast walker, a big-picture type-of-man, and an INTP poster-boy.


reading 📚 reading 📚 reading 📚

playing soccer⚽

traveling ✈️ traveling 🛫traveling 🛬

listening to thought-provoking podcasts 🎙️ (mostly re: productivity and relationships)

watching boxing 🥊

and adding avocado to food🥑


    • Growth hacking/Growth-oriented marketing

Waz is helping 20 champions/entrepreneurs triple profits (at least) and scale their companies super-fast using creative, systems-based and aggressive marketing solutions, by 2030.

    • Real estate investing 

Who do you know that can sell their real estate (fast, fair and CASH), or can use some free consulting in solving a tough real estate issue? Do you have a neighboring property that can use a rehab?

Connect them with Waz below for your referral $.

When Waz is not helping homeowners, he loves partnering with new/other investors on deals, to help them achieve early & comfortable retirement. Partner with Waz, with as little as $100 and a maximum of $1 Million, by messaging him below now.

    •  Early-stage business investing 

Waz invests capital ($) and marketing expertise in daring champions/entrepreneurs, tackling the world’s biggest challenges.


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